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Have you been getting spammed with those duct cleaning ads? You are probably getting them in the mail and you are probably seeing them all over the Internet. This is because more and more homeowners are growing aware of the benefits of maintaining excellent air quality in their home.

Not only will better air quality make your home healthier, but it will improve the overall quality of life in the home. Despite what many people will tell you this is a scientifically proven fact. However, there is one thing that you need to know. Not all of these companies are created equal and there is a reason that their prices seem too good to be true.

This is why we want to take the time to introduce the local residents of Katy, Texas to our air duct cleaning company Pure Airways Houston and show them what we have to offer.

Transparency Is Key With Our Air Duct Cleaning Katy TX Company

The reason those prices on those duct cleaning ads seem too good to be true is because they are. These companies lure people in by promising low prices, but there is always some kind of stipulation involved. If you look at the very fine print you will probably see that they are only quoting you a price for cleaning one or two vents.

The point of the matter is, there are going to be tons of hidden fees and when the job is done you are going to be left holding a hefty bill with no way to dispute it because the work is already complete. That is not how our company does business. We are completely transparent and give upfront quotes. When we quote you a price, you can rest assured that when the job is completed that will be the price that you pay.

We Do A Thorough Job

Another thing that you need to know about duct cleaning is that in order for it to be effective the job must be completed thoroughly. For instance, if the company just cleans the ducts and doesn’t clean the registers or the unit itself, you are simply just defeating the purpose.

Only cleaning the duct without entirely cleaning the unit will simply just leave you with clean ducts. If the unit is dirt or contains mold particles, you are simply going to introduce them back into the system when the unit kicks on. This is why our techs are 100% thorough. At Pure Airways Houston, we not only clean the ducts and registers, but we cleaning the coils and the blower wheel as well. We want to make sure that we set you up for success and remove every possible containment.

Our Company Finds And Seals Leaks

It is true that ducts are going to get dirty over time regardless of what you do. This is just simply like driving your car. No matter what you do it will eventually need to be washed. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that 90% of the time the ducts in the home are usually overly dirty because the duct system has cracks and leaks.

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This is why when our salesman comes out to quote you a price he will perform a seal test on the system. This test will allow him to identify and locate any leaks or crack that are present in the system. He will then make notes of this so that our techs can seal these leaks and cracks before performing the cleaning. This is just one of the many things that make our air duct cleaning Katy TX company superior to the competition.

We Are Licensed And Insured

There are also plenty of duct cleaning companies out there that aren’t licensed and insured. It is true that you really don’t need a license to perform duct cleanings, but a company that has a license has gone through the proper steps and channels.

When you see a company that is licensed it means that they have passed tests and meet qualifications that are required by the EPA and Duct Cleaning Board. In addition to this, our insurance will cover you and your home in the event that there is any bodily harm or property damage.

Of course, our techs are extremely careful and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t damage anything, but there are times when accidents happen. We just want our customers to know that we are covered to handle these events shall they rise.

We Use Microbial Solutions

You also need to be aware of the fact that there are some companies out there that will simply clean your ducts with cleaning solutions that can be purchased at the local hardware store. Of course, these solutions are great cleaning agents, but they don’t have the power or properties to kill out mold spores. Our company uses all the latest technology and cleaning solutions that have the power to eliminate those troublesome microbes.

Our Company Does It All

Katy is a beautiful city that is located within the Houston area. It is approximately centered at the tripoint of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties. In 2010 the census for the area was 14,102. In 2000 the census was 11,775. This means that the area is growing and there are a lot of exciting opportunities in the area for both business oriented people and contractors. Whether you are looking to move to a thriving area and open a business or purchase a new home in the area, you need to know that the new construction stage can be hazardous to the duct system.

The duct system is usually installed early on because it is installed between the walls and floors, which means that the duct will be exposed to drywall dust and other debris that enters the air duct the new construction phase. Just because you purchase a new home or office building you should assume that the ducts won’t need cleaning. Our company has all the tools and necessary equipment to successfully and thoroughly clean new homes and office buildings as well as existing homes and office buildings.

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