Could you imagine coming home to watch your house burn into ashes and later learn that the fire could have been completely prevented with a Houston dryer vent cleaning Service? According to recent studies, the dryer is a common household appliance that causes more than 15,500 household fires each year, and the number only continues to increase. This is why we here at Pure Airways want to stress the importance of proper dryer vent cleaning in Houston TX. Months and months after operating your dryer lint and other debris build-up in the dryer vent, which eventually reduces the airflow and backs ups gasses that eventually lead to a fire.

Houston dryer vent cleaning Service

All of this can be avoided with a thorough Houston dryer vent cleaning, but that is not all that it can do. A through dryer duct cleaning can actually put money back in your pocket by improving the efficiency of your dryer and increasing its lifespan throughout the years. Below you will learn important warning signs that could indicate that you need a dryer duct cleaning in Houston TX and the importance of proper maintenance.

Takes Longer And Longer To Dry Clothes

When you are dealing with a clogged dryer vent in Houston Texas our techs will tell you that the most common sign is drying time. With a clogged dryer vent it will take double or sometimes triple the amount of time to dry your clothes that it would normally take. You will probably also notice that your clothes are not completely dry at the end of each cycle.

The reason this happens is because a dryer is designed to push out hot air to dry your clothes, but when the vent has blocked the air just sits in the chamber of the dryer. This not only causes your dryer to run twice as long, but it puts more wear and tears on your dryer, which can greatly decrease the lifespan of your machine. This also causes you to use more electricity, which can increase your electric bill.

Outside Of The Dryer And Clothing Gets Extremely Hot

Two more common signs that can indicate that you need a dryer duct cleaning are extremely hot clothing and extreme temperatures around the dryer. Out techs have been in homes where the dryer was getting so hot that you could literally not touch it after a cycle. What this means is, that your dryer is not exhausting, as it should. This is not only dangerous and a waste of energy, but it can cause the heating elements to burn out much quicker than they normally would.

cleaning dryer vent in Houston TX

Burning Smell

When you are running your dryer if you smell a burning smell this is a very good indication that you need to look for dryer vent cleaning services in Houston TX. You should be aware of the fact that lint is a very flammable material and when it builds up in the exhaust tube it can get so hot that it will catch on fire. Also, remember that you need to check and clean the lint trap on a daily basis as well. Anytime you smell a burning smell when operating your dryer, you need to completely shut the machine off and contact a dryer vent cleaner as soon as possible.

However, just because you smell a burning smell when operating the dryer it does not necessarily mean that you are dealing with a clogged vent. When you choose to use our Houston dryer vent cleaning services it doesn’t truly matter what is going on with your dryer because our techs are very well versed in their field and know how to troubleshoot any problem that could arise.

Properly Opening Vent Hood

Another red flag that any good dryer vent cleaner will tell you to keep an eye out for is the vent hood. Every dryer vent will exhaust outdoors somewhere, and there is usually lint located around the area. However, if you notice that the vent is completely clogged with lint and the hood flap will not properly open, as it was designed to, this is a good indication that you need to start looking for a Houston dryer vent cleaner.

One Year Since Cleaning Dryer Vent

While there are a lot of different dryer vent cleaning services that will suggest and recommend different times, we here are Pure Airways Houston TX recommend that you have your vents inspected at least once every year. By having your vents inspected one a year by a dryer vent cleaner this can greatly reduce the chances of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. With tons of different Houston dryer vent cleaning services available the prices are going to vary, but we pride ourselves on being the best and providing our customers with the very best services possible. Cleaning dryer vent is something that we specialize in and do on a daily basis, so there isn’t any situation that we haven’t seen before.

Cleaning The Vent On Your Own

When it comes to cleaning dryer vent in Houston TX on your own there are a lot of brush kits available, but we, as professionals would not recommend taking this step. A clean dryer vent pipe is imperative to a properly operating dryer and without the proper knowledge, it is possible that you could only cause further damage. For instance, when trying to clean dryer vent pipe it is possible that you could poke a hole in your clean dryer duct and cause all the lint to run into the crawl space or basement. While the dryer will run as if it is operating off a clean dryer duct all the lint is just going to build up in your basement or crawl space, which will just lead to more problems.

Replacing Existing Vent With Clean Dryer Vent Pipe

Just because your dryer or vent is showing the signs and symptoms that were mentioned above it does not necessarily mean that you need a clean dryer duct. In fact, it could mean that your vent is damaged and needs to be completely replaced, which is something that our techs are capable of. All of our techs carry the tools and materials right on their truck to repair or replace most existing vent pipes in the event that this is something that needs to be done.