Many homeowners in Houston wonder every day how dust and other particles are still getting in their home, despite all the cleaning that is being done. It is more than likely because that dust and dirt that was inside the home got trapped inside the air ducts of the heating and cooling system. This means it is just recirculating throughout the home. It doesn’t matter how much you clean the home, you will never get rid of this without proper air duct cleaning services in Houston TX. You have probably heard of duct cleaning services, but never really paid much attention to it, or thought it wasn’t worth the money. However, you would be wildly surprised at what a difference qualified air duct cleaners can make in your home.Below, you will learn why home air duct cleaning

Below, you will learn why home air duct cleaning Houston is completely necessary and how it can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Leaking or Loose Ducts

If you are experiencing a large amount of dust, dirt, and pollutants throughout the home it is possible that you have an air leak or broken vent somewhere. When performing an air vent cleaning our techs will have to go from vent to vent, check the main trunk line, and even check the connections at the unit. So, if you do have an air leak or broken vent it is highly possible that it will be discovered while the vent cleaning is being performed. Once our techs discover the problem they can give you an estimate and fix the issue right on site. In some cases depending on the damage out techs might be able to go ahead and repair the damages free of charge. We truly believe this is what sets us apart from other air duct cleaning companies in the area.

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Improving The Efficiency Of Your Ducts With Air Duct Cleaning Services

The main job of the ductwork in your home is to move heated and cooled air from your unit to the vents. With hundreds of feet of ductwork running throughout the home, it really is easy to understand how it can develop dirt and debris over time. The only problem is that once that dirt and debris develop in the duct is can greatly slow down and decrease your airflow. This pretty much means that your unit has to work harder and harder to bring down or raise the temperature in your home. After our company performs our duct cleaning services your unit will not have to work as hard and your home will be as fresh as it ever was. This is only going to make you happy and increase the lifespan of your unit.

Our Air Duct Cleaners Clean The Coils

Located inside your unit, you have what is known as an evaporator coil or an indoor coil. During the summer this coil gets cold and the air is blown across it, which is then transferred into your home through your ductwork. The coil also condensates, and gets cold, which means dirt and debris literally just sticks to it. When we perform a home air duct cleaning in Houston out techs take the time to locate and examine this coil. If you are experiencing dirty ducts it is highly likely that the coil needs cleaned. The coil cleaning will be included in the price of the air vent cleaning and you will not be charged any extra. This is another aspect that sets us apart from other air duct cleaning services.

Decreasing Circulating Odors

Air duct cleaning is the only way to decrease the circulating odors in your home. There are many factors that can be related to these odors, including dust mites, fungus and dirt. Even though these elements are lying in the ductwork, they will be pushed into the home, when the air conditioning system is turned on. Our vent cleaning service will eliminate these odors, so they no longer plague your home. The vent cleaners are skilled and professional and will treat your home as if it is theirs. You are guaranteed full satisfaction when you hire Pure Airways to perform your air ducting cleaning.

Fungus Removal

Mold produces a harmful chemical that can lead to minor and chronic illness, such as upper respiratory allergies, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you are not familiar with mold and mildew, you can inquire about these fungus’s from our licensed air vent cleaners. During the vent cleaning service process, the vent cleaners will utilize large rotary brushes and powerful vacuums to remove the fungus from the ductwork. They will also follow up with a disinfectant spray that will eradicate about 95 to 99 percent of the bacteria inside the vents.

If you would like more information about our air duct cleaning service, please contact our office. One of our friendly representatives will be glad to go over the process, so you will be prepared in advance. Vent cleaning service is the only way to eradicate that dangerous fungus’s from your heating and air conditioning system’s ductwork.

Air Duct Cleaning Companies

When you are searching for a company that provides venting cleaning services, you will immediately notice the unlimited options available. However, many of these air duct cleaning companies are not licensed, bonded or insured, which makes them a risky option. Instead of going this route, we highly recommend you to consider giving our vent cleaning team an opportunity to provide you with premium service. Air venting cleaning must be performed in the most proficient manner in order for it to provide the maximum benefits and that is exactly what our home air duct cleaning can do, but so much more. Our Houston air duct cleaners are also trained and experienced, so they can get the job done in a timely and proficient manner.

When you are ready to take on this major undertaking, please contact our office for a free in-home consultation. If most cases, we can send a technician out to your home within 24 to 48 hours. Just let the representative know when the best time is for you and we will make it happen.